Dan Deacon – Bromst (Car Park)

I’m on the road from LA to NY, currently in New Orleans, but I’m taking the time, goddammit, to let you know that Dan Deacon’s new album is good. Read my review here.

Blank Dogs Are The Future and The Past

Blank Dogs sounds like The Cure’s Pornography through a lo-fi punk-rock filter. The new album, Under and Under, will be released on In The Red this June. I won’t go into the Wavves-esque mythology behind this band, just listen to some music.

The Juan MacLean – The Future Will Come (DFA)

The Juan MacLean’s latest engages in a more pure form of electronic music than LCD Soundsystem and other DFA cohorts. They are also on some serious ’80s shit. Read my review here.

Grand Duchy – Petit Fours (Cooking Vinyl)

Frank Black and wife make music. It’s good. Read here.

A-Trak – Infinity +1 (Thrive/Fool’s Gold)

A-Trak’s new mixed CD, Infinity +1, throws a few surprises out. Expecting virtuoso scratching and hip-hop? There’s a little, but that’s not what this album’s all about. Read my review here.

New Deerhunter EP – Rainwater Cassette Exchange

Deerhunter will release a new EP, Rainwater Cassette Exchange, digitally on May 18 and physically on June 8 on Kranky in the U.S. Some tracklist for you:

Rainwater Cassette Exchange
Disappearing Ink
Famous Last Words
Game of Diamonds

Junior Boys – Begone Dull Care

The new Junior Boys album, Begone Dull Care (Domino), offers up some fine mid-tempo house and techno dusted with some poppy vocals. Read my review here.

Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 Update

Finally! Raekwon has a deal with EMI Label Services to release his long-awaited Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 this summer. Featured guests and producers include Dr. Dre, the RZA, J Dilla, and more. And the first single keeps it in the family – “The New Wu” features Method Man and Ghostface Killah. The only problem here is they haven’t given an exact release date. Until I see it, I won’t believe it.

Spring Edition – Glaciers of Ice

This month, I cover the latest J Dilla collection, a bunch of Living Legends stuff, and some new Detroit shit from Finale. Read it all here.

Interpol’s Carlos Dengier’s Film Production Debut

Interpol’s bass player, Carlos D., will premiere his debut as film producer on April 17 at NYC’s Anonymous Gallery. The short, titled My Friends Told Me About You, was directed by Daniel Ryan and filmed in Chicago in 2007. Dengier also scored the film. Here’s what he has to say:

“Making MY FRIENDS TOLD ME ABOUT YOU was a chance to explore the narrative potential of sound and spectacle. The idea was to achieve the expression of film as a composition, a tone poem of carefully selected cinematic effects and gestures.”

Watch the trailer here.

Mos Def Loves DOOM

Thanks for the tip, David.

stic.man – “My S.W.A.G. is Up” Video

dead prez’s stic.man seems to have gone a little Kanye in this new video, from his solo album Manhood (Deluxe Edition). Dude even takes a break from lip-synching to sip some red wine. Check it out, it’s a good ‘un.

Casiotone For the Painfully Alone – Vs. Children

CFTPA’s latest album, Vs. Children (Tomlab), marks a bit of an advance for Owen Ashworth’s sound, but it’s still basically that lo-fi keyboard rock you (might) know and (possibly) love. Read my review here.

Entire Beatles Catalogue to be Remastered

On September 9th, a digitally remastered version of the entire Beatles catalogue will be released. Each album will come with, according to the press release, “replicated original UK album art, including expanded booklets containing original and newly written liner notes and rare photos. For a limited period, each CD will also be embedded with a brief documentary film about the album.” Completist collectors are most certainly getting some Norwegian wood.

In addition, two boxed sets will be released on September 9th as well: Past Masters Vol. I and II and The Beatles in Mono, which contains Beatles songs originally mixed for mono release.

Apostle of Hustle to Release Eats of Darkness, Tour

Broken Social Scene member Andrew Whiteman’s Apostle of Hustle will release Eats of Darkness on Arts & Crafts on May 19. Today, you can go online and to buy a ticket/digital album bundle for the upcoming tour in support of the new record. Also, the tracks “Soul Unwind” and “Perfect Fit” are available for free download on the Apostle of Hustle website now.

Are you in a band in southern Ontario? If so, Apostle of Hustle is looking for an opening act. Send submissions here: supportaoh@arts-crafts.ca