Review – The Mirror Explodes by The Warlocks

I remember reading some bad reviews of The Warlocks in the past, but thinking maybe they were too harsh. After listening to their new album, The Mirror Explodes (Tee Pee), I think the criticism is right. Read my take here.

Video – “Prepare Your Coffin” by Tortoise

Tortoise will release their new album, Beacons of Ancestorship (Thrill Jockey), on June 23. Check out their new video for the song “Prepare Your Coffin” right here. It’s very beautifully shot, sort of an avant-garde Chicago spy thriller in black and white. Also, check out the tour dates here.

New Cass McCombs Video Features Karen Black

Cass McCombs’ new video for the song “Dreams Come True Girl,” off of his forthcoming album for Domino, Catacombs (7/7), features the legendary actress Karen Black. Sure she was great in films like Five Easy Pieces, but how about that performance in The House of 1000 Corpses! Her appearance in this video is kind of random, but interesting all the same. Watch the video below:

The Pixies – Minotaur Collector’s Set

The hype machine is in full swing:

Alaskan Summer

I am in Anchorage right now for the World Beard and Mustache Championships, so it’s an appropriate time to be writing about Alaskan Summer. The band recently directed me towards some of their new songs that will appear on an EP available on iTunes by the end of June. They make pleasant (if a bit sleepy) pop music, sometimes lush and sometimes spare, and always buoyed by the female-male vocal interplay of singers Ashton and Douglas. It’s obvious that a lot of care and design went into all of this, so pay a visit to their MySpace page to see what it’s all about for yourself. And they will be performing in Los Angeles at El Cid on June 15th.

Prefuse 73 and Diamond Watch Wrists Review

Guillermo Scott Herren’s two new albums, one as Prefuse 73 and the other as Diamond Watch Wrists (with Zach Hill from Hella), succeed in varying degrees. I definitely prefer the former, but I’m sure there are plenty who will disagree. Read my review of both albums here.

True Blood – The Complete First Season (HBO)

Some love it, some hate it, and no one thinks it’s as good as Six Feet Under. I’m definitely a fan, and I can’t wait for the new season of True Blood coming this June on HBO. Read my review of the first season DVD set for Paste Magazine here.

Spoiler alert for those who haven’t watched yet – this is how season one ended:

Royksopp – Junior (Virgin)

Royksopp’s latest, Junior, is good-time electronic music that requires little effort from the listener. That’s not a bad thing at all. Read my review here.

Cage – “I Never Knew You” Video

Shia makes me want to punch myself in the nuts, but he directed Cage’s new video. Watch it here. Mmmm… maybe a little too Linkin Park, but I want to hear the whole album.

Company Flow – Funcrusher Plus – Reissue (Def Jux)

Classic, classic, classic! Did I mention classic? Read all about it here.

New Modest Mouse – “Satellite Skin”

Modest Mouse will release a new 7-inch on May 26th, “Satellite Skin.” You can currently stream the song on their Myspace page. But that ain’t it for new MM music. This Monday, May 18th, visit Stereogum to listen to another new song, “Guilty Cocker Spaniels.”

Faux Hoax – Your Friends Will Carry You Home (Polyvinyl)

Faux Hoax’s debut, Your Friends Will Carry You Home, will be released on Polyvinyl this Tuesday, May 19th. The band is a veritable super-group, featuring members of Menomena, Gang of Four, Tracker, and 31 Knots. Listen to a digital bonus track here.

Super Chron Flight Bros – “Wings”

Gritty, esoteric NYC hip-hop from this innovative duo, Super Chron Flight Bros. Watch the video below of a song off their new album, Indonesia.

New Clues Video – “Haarp”

Clues, a new band featuring former Unicorns member Alden Penner, has an album coming out on Constellation Records on May 19th. Here’s their new video for “Haarp.” If you’re expecting Islands-style pop music, think again.

Watch the video here.

Cut Off Your Hands Live on Interface

Cut Off Your Hands recently performed at Spinner’s Interface session, and I was invited to come out and interview the band after their performance. You can watch and read it all here.

This New Zealand band has a serious Smiths and XTC fixation, but their recent album on Frenchkiss, You and I, proves that they do what they do quite well.