MP3: Gangrene (Oh No and Alchemist) – “Chain Swinging”

Oh No (aka Madlib’s brother) and Alchemist have joined forces as Gangrene. This sounds like an excellent idea, East Coast-West Coast grittiness combined with a knack for experimental beat-making… but the single they’ve released in anticipation of their October album, “Chain Swinging,” is kind of uninspiring. Then I listened to it again, and it’s growing on me. Download it here. And check out the tracklist below:


1. Intro
2. Boss Shit  (Cuts by DJ Romes)
3. Not High Enough
4. Gutter Water ft. Raekwon
5. Get Into Some Gangster Shit ft. Planet Asia
6. Take Drugs
7. Chain Swinging (Cuts by DJ Romes)
8. Wassup Wassup ft. Fashawn and Evidence
9. All Bad (Cuts by DJ Romes)
10. Breathing Down Yo Neck ft. MED
11. From Another Orbit ft. Roc C
12. Ransom
13. Standing In The Shadows
14. Brass Knuckle Rap ft. Guilty Simpson
15. Not Leaving ft. Big Twins

Video: Kid Sister – Big N Bad

Kid Sister is a hell of a lot of fun. And she’s super pretty. Watch her new video for “Big N Bad” here.

MP3: Cheyenne Marie Mize and Bonnie “Prince” Billy – Among The Gold

Among The Gold is Cheyenne Marie Mize and Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “rendition of a collection of 19th Century American parlor music,” and it’s available to download for free right here. Here’s to old-timey.

Glaciers Of Ice – Summer Edition

Extry, extry, read all about it… here.

MP3: The Burnerz – “No Justice”

Lots of folks in the Bay Area have been more than a little disturbed by the “involuntary manslaughter” verdict in the Oscar Grant trial. The police officer who shot and killed Grant escaped a murder charge, but the cell phone video capturing the events may tell differently… although, to be honest, it’s hard to say precisely what was going on when he pulled his weapon. Nonetheless, Grant is dead, and that’s a tragedy. The Burnerz, Zumbi of Zion I and Producer The Are, released a new song detailing their feelings about it. Listen below.

MP3: Superchunk – “Skip Steps 1 & 3”

Merge will reissue the classic Superchunk albums next month, No Pocky For Kitty and On The Mouth. I feel like all I’ve been doing recently is listening to ’90s indie rock, but hearing remastered music like this is all the justification I need. Of course, this is just the icing – the band will release a new album, Majesty Shredding, in September. Listen to “Skip Steps 1 & 3” here. And check out the tracklistings below.

No Pocky for Kitty track listing:
1. Skip Steps 1 & 3
2. Seed Toss
3. Cast Iron
4. Tower
5. Punch Me Harder
6. Sprung A Leak
7. 30 Xtra
8. Tie A Rope To The Back Of The Bus
9. Press
10. Sidewalk
11. Creek
12. Throwing Things

On the Mouth track listing:
1. Precision Auto
2. From the Curve
3. For Tension
4. Mower
5. Package Thief
6. Swallow That
7. I Guess I Remembered It Wrong
8. New Low
9. Untied
10. The Question is How Fast
11. Trash Heap
12. Flawless
13. The Only Piece That You Get

MP3: El-P and Camu Tao (Central Services) – “What God Should Do”

El-P is offering up a taste of Central Services, his early-2000s collaboration with the late, great Camu Tao, with this track, called “What God Should Do.” Honestly, I wanna like this more than I do, but the vocals and production stray a bit too close to emo-rap-rock.