Download: Alex Ebert – “Truth (feat. RZA)”

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros’ Alex Ebert contributed a song to Breaking Bad, and RZA decided he wanted to help out. Huh? Yeah. Download here: Alex Ebert – Truth (feat. RZA). And as I’ve said before, but just to be perfectly clear, Kueneman didn’t turn me on to this band, my wife did.

Download: Comet Gain – “An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls”

Comet Gain are back with a new album of solid, jangling, British indie rock, Howl of the Lonely Crowd, out this October. Download the first single, “An Arcade From The Warm Rain That Falls,” here.

Download: Gauntlet Hair – “Top Bunk”

Gauntlet Hair is a duo that makes the most of its limitations, creating a sound that’s spare but intricate, with shades of Sunset Rubdown circus weirdness and spindly early’-80s post-punk. Their self-titled debut is out October 18th on Dead Oceans. Download “Top Bunk” here.

Download: Shad – “Flawless”

Toronto hip-hop ain’t nothing to fuck with, even if Drake never makes another sappy ballad. For a long time, the main source of new hip-hop music for our northern neighbor was radio show The Real Frequency. That show is no more, but the folks behind it have put together a compilation called The New North. Listen to one of the songs off of it, Shad’sFlawless.”

Download: Neon Indian – “Fallout”

Neon Indian has a new album on the way, Era Extrana, due out this fall. You can download a new song, “Fallout,” from his website, right now. The track is just about exactly what you’d expect: hazy, shoegazey, lo-fi electro-pop, kind of sleepy and kind of emo. Check out the new album’s cover art below.

Film Review: Autoerotic

Read my review of the new film by mumblecore innovators Joe Swanberg and Adam Wingard for Paste Magazine here.

Video: Vivian Girls – “Take It As It Comes”

Vivian Girls go even more Shangri-Las than usual in their new video for “Take It As It Comes.” It’s cute, but it’s also kind of cloying.

Download: Freestyle Fellowship – “We Are”

Freestyle Fellowship, the legendary Cali-based, underground, hip-hop crew, are returning this October with a new album on Decon called The Promise. It’s been almost ten years since their last mediocre release, but we’ll always have Innercity Griots, so I’m not too upset. Judging from the sound of the first single, “We Are,” sounds like the group is onto something good here. Plus, they’ve got some good producers on board, including Eligh and Black Milk.

Music Musings: RA The Rugged Man

Go check out RA The Rugged Man’s new website, just because he’s a good MC, an interesting writer, and generally kind of a cool guy.

Video: Pusha T and Tyler, The Creator – “Trouble On My Mind”

This is actually a really successful collaboration, and probably the best music I’ve heard from Pusha T in a long while.

Video: Q-Tip and Busta @ Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival

If you are an old dude like me, this is awesome and hilarious and great to see. And Busta has a gut.

Mixtape: Diplo – Mad Legit

For one dollar American, plus the cost of any source music you don’t own (more about this in a minute), you can download Diplo’s newest mix, Mad Legit, right here. So the buzz about this particular mix is that it was made using Legitmix, software that recreates copyrighted music and presumably bypasses all the legal hurdles otherwise associated with using un-cleared music. Basically, the mix identifies any music you don’t already own in your library, and provides a way to buy it, ensuring that the artists are paid for their work. If you already have the songs, it’s just the buck. Seems like an interesting new take on copyright law. For more info, visit Legitmix and read all about it.

Download: The Rapture – “How Deep is Your Love?”

The Rapture are back with a new track, “How Deep Is Your Love?”, a song that is totally ’90s-house-influenced, from the rhythmic piano melody to the booming beat to the singalong vocal refrain. Download courtesy of The Fader, and pump hard (especially during the sax solo – second one today!). The new album, In the Grace Of Your Love, is out 9/6 on DFA.

Download: M83 – “Midnight City”

M83 returns this October with a new album, Hurry Up , We’re Dreaming. Sounds like Anthony Gonzalez has not completely abandoned the ’80s electro sound of his last record (the sax solo is the clue), but he’s not pulling a full Molly Ringwald this time around either. Listen to “Midnight City” here.

Download: Teen Daze – “Surface”

It’s been hot in NYC as of late. Not just hot, but dripping, viscous hot, anxiety-inducing hot where the temperature doesn’t drop much below 80, even after midnight. So listen to “Surface” by the shimmering, shoegaze-influenced Teen Daze, perfect music to enjoy sitting in one’s own sweat and thinking of cooler days.