Throwback Friday: Modest Mouse and 764-Hero – “Whenever You See Fit”

Longform jams.

Sounds: Survival Knife – “Fell Runner”

Ex-Unwounders Brandt and Justin finally give us some new music with their latest incarnation, Survival Knife. New album due out 4/29.

Sounds: The Faint – “Help in the Head”

The Faint return April 8th with a new album, DOOM ABUSE, and sound pretty much like The Faint. Dark-electro-dance-rock still sounds good, who knew? The Faint did.

Sounds: 100s – “Ten Freaky Hoes”

Just a little sex(ist) hip-hop for your Wednesday morning.

Sounds: Onyx feat. AS$P Ferg and Sean Price – “We Don’t Fucking Care”

Old men and young bloods get together and make some good hip-hop. Onyx sounding like it’s 1993.

Sounds: Superchunk – “Watery Hands” (acoustic)

In celebration of the re-release of the classic Superchunk album Indoor Living, out 2/25, Mac recorded this acoustic version of “Watery Hands.” I love college.

Video: Flosstradamus – “Mosh Pit”

Apparently this can give you seizures. You’ve been warned.