Download: Run The Jewels

You should probably download this Run The Jewels album right about now.


Download: 3:33 – 7 Sets of 7

Download this dark remix album featuring the likes of DOOM, Danny Brown, and Roc Marciano, all reinterpreted by 3:33.

Mixtape: Kool A.D. (Victor from Das Racist) – The Palm Wine Drinkard

This is the first of three mixtapes forthcoming from Das Racist dudes. Download here.

Download: Wild Arrow – “Great Cop” (Fugazi cover)

Wild Arrows have an interesting and altogether unique take on Fugazi’s classic “Great Cop” – way slowed down and fuzzier than a Hell’s Angel’s beard. Listen here.

Download: DJ Roddy Rod – “Leviathan”

DJ Roddy Rod, never heard of him. But he’s been around for a while and produced tracks for the likes of Ed OG, Planet Asia, and Doug E. Fresh. He’s got a new instrumental album on the way, Oakwood Grain II, due out on Nature Sounds this February 28. I know, instrumental albums can be boring, but listen to “Leviathan” here and see what you think.

Download: DanEats and DJ Screw – Slow Leek

This dude loves DJ Screw. Download his mixtape here.

Download: Sad Baby Wolf – “8th Level”, “Survival Guide” (Marty Crandall, formerly of The Shins)

Ex-Shins member Marty Crandall has reconciled his firing from The Shins and started to make, well, Shins-like indie rock as Sad Baby Wolf (yep, another band with “Wolf” in its name). The results are not bad. Listen to two songs from his band’s debut 7-inch here and here.

Download: hasHBrown – “Break The Chain” feat. Guilty Simpson

Post-Geto Boys Houston hip-hop sounds good. Listen to hasHBrown’s “Break The Chain” here.

Download: T.H. White – Life Full Mixx Tape

Ignore the douchey picture, and download T.H. White’s new mixtape featuring artists like Toro Y Moi and Matthew Dear.

Download: Big Baby Gandhi – Big Fucking Baby

New offering from Greedhead (owned by Heems of Das Racist) and Mad DecentBig Baby Gandhi. Das Racist smart-aleck raps and lo-fi production. Nice. Download here.

Download: CFCF – Night Bus II Mixtape

Download the new CFCF mixtape here, featuring songs from Fever Ray to Notorious B.I.G.

Download: Low Roar – “Tonight Tonight Tonight”

Melancholia from Iceland, nothing to do with Phil Collins. Download Low Roar’s “Tonight Tonight Tonight” here.

Download: Pillars and Tongues – “Oaky (doting, in late summer)”

I saw Pillars and Tongues open for Joan of Arc last spring, and they were fantastic. Listen to the band’s haunting new song, “Oaky (doting, in late summer)” here.

Download: Company Flow – “Krazy Kings Pt. III (3:33 Remix)”

Download here, it’s even darker than usual.


Download: Phonte feat. Median – “Eternally”

Phonte has a life far beyond Little Brother. Listen here.