AB InBev Lawsuit

I wrote this news blurb for Paste Magazine about the AB InBev lawsuit.

AB kirin long

2014 Cocktail Trends

I discuss the rise of Irish whiskey here.


Whiskey: WhistlePig Boss Hog Review

My review of WhistlePig’s new Boss Hog: The Spirit of Mortimer. An excellent whiskey.


6 Craft Single Malt Whiskies Made in America

I wrote this list of some of the best American single malts for Paste Magazine. Read it here.

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Bourbon in the USA!

I wrote a round-up of some of the best bourbon produced outside of Kentucky.


Iceland’s Whisky Renaissance – Icelandair Info

I wrote this article about Iceland’s nascent single malt distilleries for the summer issue of Icelandair’s inflight magazine, Icelandair Info. Read it here.


Travel: Atlantic City’s Pleasant Surprises

I wrote this piece for CNN Travel about things to do in AC beyond gambling. Read it here.

Travel – On The Edge of the World: Iceland’s Westfjords

I wrote this story about Iceland’s Westfjords this past winter, and it’s running now at CNN Travel. Read it here.


Brooklyn Spirits Trail

Here’s the first of two articles I wrote for Paste Magazine on the BK Spirits Trail.

And here’s the link to the full article.


Review: Brooklyn Pour Festival

I reviewed the Brooklyn Pour Festival for Paste Magazine. Over 100 different craft beers, and some stupid fake Bavarian hats. In other words, a good time. Read it here.

Travel: NYC Diners

I wrote a piece for BBC Travel about NYC diners because there’s really nothing better than some greasy diner food for breakfast or lunch. Maybe not dinner, though. You can read this highly controversial and polarizing article here.

Travel: Gambling in the Big Apple

I went to the Resorts World Casino in Queens last month and wrote about it for BBC Travel. Depressing fun.


Fishing for Winter Cod

It’s winter, but you can still go fishing. Read my account for BBC Travel here.

Travel: Shooting a Thanksgiving Dinner

Happy Thanksgiving. I went turkey hunting last month, and you can read my account for BBC Travel here.

Travel: New York City’s Classic Hotel Bars

Read why you should get sloshed at a fancy hotel bar in my piece for BBC Travel.