Video: First Light – “Los Lobos”

Pep Love and Opio are First Light and they clearly smoked a blunt or two before making this video. New album, Fallacy Fantasy, out today. Bay Area hip-hop lives strong.


Video: First Light (Opio and Pep Love) feat. Hieroglyphics – “Lighters”

Souls of Mischief member Opio’s new collaboration with Hieroglyphics emcee Pep Love features the rest of the crew on this new track. For my money, A-Plus still sounds the best.

Video: Pep Love – “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us”

MP3: Pep Love, Cold Showda & LB Select – “We Pull Rank”

There’s a lot going on in this Hiero crew track, beat-wise, but I like it. Look for a new Pep Love album soon as well, and listen to “We Pull Rank” here.