Video: Frank Nitt – “Go Girl”

Frank Nitt, of Frank-N-Dank, has a new EP on the way, Jewels in my Backpack (Delicious Vinyl). This first single isn’t very promising, though. “Go Girl”? OK… I’m not saying everything has to be mind-expanding, but this is just stupid.

MP3: Kenseth Thibideau – “Black Hole”

Kenseth Thibideau has made his mark in post-rock and experimental rock with his bandsĀ Tarentel and Rumah Sakit, as well as touring with Pinback and Three Mile Pilot. His new solo release, Repetition, comes out on Temporary Residence this July, and you can listen to a pretty, slow-rolling track here.

MP3: Gil Scott Heron and Mos Def – “New York is Killing Me”

Mos Def was reinvigorated with last year’s The Ecstatic, and the trend continues here with OG spoken word/hip-hop innovator Gil Scott-Heron. Download “New York is Killing Me” here, and just try not to clap along.

Book Review: 33 1/3: Illmatic (Continuum)

I recently reviewed Matthew Gasteier’s 33 1/3 contribution, Illmatic, about the classic Nas album, for Lost At Sea. Read it here.

MP3: !!! – “AM/FM”

!!! return this August with a new album, Strange Weather, Isn’t It? (Warp), recorded in Berlin, and are now streaming a new dark-disco track, “AM/FM,” on their website. The tracklist:

01. AM/FM

02. The Most Certain Sure

03. Wannagain Wannagain

04. Jamie, My Intentions Are Bass

05. Steady as the Sidewalk Cracks

06. Hollow

07. Jump Back

08. Even Judas Gave Jesus a Kiss

09. The Hammer

MP3: Drake feat. Lil’ Wayne – “Miss Me”

Thanks for rapping over this this mariachi beat, Drake. But chill with the Autotune (you don’t need it… or maybe you do) and stop making songs that sound the same because they use the same formula (but still sound pretty good). Listen to “Miss Me” here.

Video: Double Dagger – “No Allies”

Double Dagger’s 2009 album, More (Thrill Jockey), should be listened to repeatedly. It’s just that good. Check out the house-party show video for the song “No Allies” below.