MP3: Times New Viking – “Ever Falling in Love”

Times New Viking have a new song available for download, “Ever Falling in Love,” off of their new album due out at the end of this month, Dancer Equired. This lo-fi-style track combines the best of art rock with the tradition of doo-wop. Disagree, please.

MP3: Shit Robot – “Losing My Patience”

I missed all the final LCD Soundsystem shows. Whatever. So I guess I also missed Shit Robot’s performances which were supposed to be, well, the shit. Fortunately, I can download “Losing My Patience” here. I’ll be damned if this doesn’t sound a lot like Hot Chip, who happen to remix the track.

MP3: James Yuill Remixes

London-based electronic producer James Yuill’s new album, Movement in Storm, came out recently on Moshi Moshi, and it’s a good one, full of his trademark slick and innovative production. Check out a couple of remixes of the track “Crying For Hollywood.” First is the Grown Men Remix (Alex Doyle of LCD Soundsystem + Hot Chip and Felix Martin of Hot Chip). Second is the Shir Khan Remix.

MP3: Swollen Members – “Mr. Impossible”

Canada’s Swollen Members are often overlooked, and at times deservedly so. But this new track, “Mr. Impossible,” has made me take notice. Cocksure style mixed with a quirky, banging beat – I’m looking forward to hearing the new album, Daggermouth, out April 12.

MP3: MF Doom – “Vomit (3:33 Mix)”

This track has been around for a while in one form or another. First Doom and Parallel Thought’s 2006 version, then the version that appeared on Mm…Food. Now here’s another version from 3:33, a teaser for their new release that’s out tomorrow, 333EP-1. Download here.

MP3: Illin’ P – “Get It”

Illin’ P is releasing a bunch of songs leading up to the release of his new mixtape, 3 Lefts 2 Make A R1ght. Like you care. But seriously, you should care. Download “Get It” here.

MP3: Boris – “Riot Sugar”

Some new hard-rocking, heavy-hitting, sludge-dealing, shit-storming music from Boris off of their new album, Heavy Rocks, due out this spring. Download here.

MP3: Yacht – “Dystopia (The Earth is on Fire)”

Is that some Auto Tune I hear on Yacht’s new single from their forthcoming album, Shangri-La (out on DFA 6/21)? I believe it is.

MP3: Atari Teenage Riot – “Blood In My Eyes”

Atari Teenage Riot are back with a new album out this summer on Digital Hardcore, Is This Hyperreal? Cut through the frenetic tech-punk haze to decipher the anti-human trafficking message and enjoy “Blood In My Eyes” here.

MP3: Blank Dogs – “Keeping All The Time”

Some new music from Blank Dogs. The Cure meets Guided By Voices. Enjoy.

Blank Dogs – Keeping All The Time.

MP3: MSTRKRFT – “Beards Again”

The name of the song sounds like a Les Savy Fav throwaway, but the music sounds like Iron Maiden blowing Justice. Download the new MSTRKRFT song, “Beards Again,” here.

MP3: Pep Love, Cold Showda & LB Select – “We Pull Rank”

There’s a lot going on in this Hiero crew track, beat-wise, but I like it. Look for a new Pep Love album soon as well, and listen to “We Pull Rank” here.

MP3: Matthew Friedberger – “Meet Me in Miramas”

The Fiery Furnaces’ better half, Matthew Friedberger, is giving a free taste of his third album, part of a six-LP subscription series. “Meet me in Miramas” is good in the way that Spoon used to be, and arguably still is (I admit I just stopped paying attention to them, I got bored) – stripped down and simple, but catchy as fuck and worth repeat listens. And this song is better than 90 percent of the Fiery Furnaces catalogue. Listen here as Friedberger gets his Ned Flanders on (“ram-a-dam-dam-ding-dong”).

MP3: Panda Bear – “Last Night at the Jetty”

From his forthcoming album, Tomboy, due out in April, Panda Bear has made the track “Last Night at the Jetty” available for download. I like this song – similar in spirit to Person Pitch, but much poppier.

MP3: Ghost Animal – “Young and in Love”

LA band Ghost Animal is making some appealing lo-fi rock – think Wavves, Tape Deck Mountain, et al. Listen to “Young and in Love” here.