Video: Random Axe – “Chewbacca”

Download: Blu – “Steel Remains Raw”

So good. Blu’s “Steel Remains Raw” here.

Video: Kid Sister & Riff Raff – “Hide & Seek”

More like Kid Sister & Ali G.

Streaming: New War – Ghostwalking 12″

Ex-Shoplifting members have formed New War, and you can listen to their dark, synth-heavy post-punk 12″ for free here.

Tavel: Backpacking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire

This past July, I went backpacking with some friends in the White Mountains. It was hot as hell and we ran out of water. Ready my account here.

Video: Carnivores – “Second Impulse”

Stream: Shark Vegas – “Pretenders of Love”

I’m reviewing the new Fac. Dance compilation for Blurt, a collection of 1980s Factory Records rare mixes that comes out next month. Listen to a cut off the comp, the Berlin group Shark Vegas’ Miami Vice-style “Pretenders of Love” here.

Streaming: Korallreven – “As Young As Yesterday” (Girl Unit Remix)

Listen here and pretend you are in a Euro club. And feel no shame.

Video: Jacuzzi Boys – “Automatic Jail”

Loving Jacuzzi Boys. Play in or out of the garage.

Video: Casual – “Fiend For Hip Hop”

Yohimbe and I used to bang Casual’s first album back in high school. Still sounds good to me.

Video: Benga – “Smack Your Bitch Up”

I keep expecting Shaq to show up in this video, but he doesn’t.

Streaming: Baths – “Lammicken” (Braids cover)

Baths covers a great Braids song here (courtesy of Pitchfork). BTW Braids put on the best live show I’ve seen this year.

Stream: Young Magic – “Night In The Ocean”

Reminds of of late-’90s Darla Records and hip-hop. Listen here.

Video: Saukrates featuring Redman – “Drop It Down”

Canadians and Redman love this dude.

Travel: Atlantic City, NJ

I have a travel story about Atlantic City running at BBC Travel today. Read it here, and get ready for a new season of Boardwalk Empire.